The A+ Advantage

Give your A+ content an advantage over your competitors by deploying my strategic messaging framework

Give your A+ content an advantage over your competitors by deploying my strategic messaging framework

I learnt a lot from this course, Sacha Gorelik reveals tips and tricks for Amazon A+contents, which are quite effective and very easy to practice. Highly recommended for all beginners and pros.

Faizul K.

Everyone wants more sales right?
And on Amazon it's truly a case of
survival of the fittest.

Whether you’re an Amazon seller bringing your products to market, an agency with multiple writers, a graphic designer/photographer, or a freelance copywriter, creating fantastic A+ content is one of those things that can increase sales exponentially. 

The trouble is it can be confusing if you’re doing this for the first time. Frustrating if you’re trying to guide a graphic designer with no Amazon experience. And even worse, you could be leaving a LOT of money on the table, by not showcasing your product in the best light. 

Stop feeling stuck, and frustrated! (*and jealous of other brands) 

All you need is the right foundations and frameworks so you can do the A+ content on your own.

In this mini-course, you get to steal the same process I’ve used for hundreds of clients — so you’ll never be disappointed, confused, or broke (paying different Amazon agencies) ever again!



Creativity. Madness. Magic.


I’m Sacha, Ecommerce Copywriter in Chief.

Make an impact with powerful messaging.  Tell stories that transform an audience into a tribe, and discover that what you sell is something far more meaningful than the physical products in your store. 


Over 4 modules, this online course will walk you through the step-by-step process for creating your own A+ content.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

** Please note that this course does NOT focus on graphics but rather on creating concise, clear, and strategic messaging. With that as a base you will be able to create awesome A+ pages that have a logical flow, and connect emotionally with your customers.

This mini course is jam packed with information, and it will only take you 1 hr to go through all the content.

In literally less time that it takes to watch a movie on Netflix –  you’ll have a brand new skill set and be ready to implement the information right off the bat!

It’s time to strategically showcase your product features and benefits and create A+ pages that sell more products.

I cannot wait for you to go through my course and become an expert at creating best selling product pages on Amazon!

As a copywriter starting in the Amazon space Sacha's course is super-valuable. 

She packs so much great information, bite-sized in a short amount of time, so it's not too overwhelming to go through and easy to review 

She thoroughly covers the A+ modules and gives excellent tips on best practices for selling and displaying products for optimal conversion. 

The downloads are so helpful in showing all options available for A+ content so I can visualize how it will all look.

Bonus: Her voice is super pleasant to listen to

Malky R.


You’ll Also Get Access to Multiple Downloads that You Get to Keep Forever.

PLUS – Whenever I create new downloads you’ll get access to them for FREE! 

Bonus 1

6 A+ templates for you to steal that come with sample text and guidance.

Bonus 2

Plus 2 other downloads with all the A+ modules / sizes available from Amazon.

Bonus 3

AND - Anyone who buys this course can email me or even schedule a FREE 15 min phone consultation for further clarification or guidance!

Ready to create A+ pages that help sell more products?

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