Activate Your Brand’s Superpowers! 

I believe every brand has a superpower inside, just waiting for the magic words to bring it to life!

The Magic Brand Messaging Guide

Copy is like casting spells. With the wave of a pen (or fingers on a laptop), you can change the way people think, feel, and act. Sounds a bit like magic doesn’t it?

Your brand messaging guide is a spellbinding playbook to have for building a brand that will stand out from the competition, and create real relationships with your customers. 


Your playbook helps you create a consistent message across all touchpoints including your Shopify store, social media, packaging, Amazon listings, and any communications with your customers!

The brand guide can include:

  • Brand Purpose Statement
  • Brand Voice Guide
  • Brand Positioning / Brand Analysis for Amazon
  • A Unique Tagline
  • Customer Personas
  • Brand Values / Brand Mission
  • Brand Story
  • Product Naming
  • Brand Naming


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