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Frequently Asked Questions

Every project begins with research. I require every client to fill out a questionnaire or hop on a call with me. My goal is to get you to think deeply about your USP, target audience, and brand values.

I’ve been writing since 2015 when I set up my first affiliate store online. Since then, I branched out to writing for Amazon sellers, Shopify store owners, and other large eCommerce brands.

Yes, I have a whole stack of eCommerce copywriting samples in my online portfolio. Just send me a message, and I’ll be happy to send you relevant examples for your category. At this point, I’ve written about pretty much everything from banana leaf balls to lingerie.

I’m so glad you asked. My favorite chocolate is Galaxy Minstrels and Cadburys Dairy Milk. Feel free to send some in the post.

Yes. Keep in mind that we cannot craft your brand story out of thin air. Your brand story is part of your brand messaging strategy and needs to represent the promise and internal mission, and values of your brand. Please reach out to find out more about brand messaging playbooks.

Yes. I always offer up to 3 revisions on every project. Most of my clients only ever need small tweaks – and they usually cry tears of joy when they receive the project.

My home base is in Israel, but I’m originally from the UK. Honestly, I could work anywhere if I didn’t have four small humans to send to school every day.

Wow. Getting personal aren’t we. The craziest thing I’ve ever done was…nah, I’m not going to reveal that. But starting my own business is probably up there on the list of crazy.


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