Before Hiring the Ecommcopywriter

Herbal S.I.P.S  is a British herbal supplement company that was created by Andrew Chevallier, a medical herbalist with over 35 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine. Collecting herbs from Columbia through to Mexico, he developed a popular range of herbal tinctures in liquid form. The brand began selling on Amazon UK in 2020. Sales were slow, and their account manager decided there may be more opportunity in the US marketplace. But before relaunching – he knew they needed a better strategy for their listings and A+ content. Herbal SIPS hired me to clarify their brand voice, write their listings, and add more storytelling to the A+ content. 


Herbal Sips brand manager had multiple strategy calls with me. We discussed the empathy factor and understanding the customers pain points and unique health challenges, and how Herbal SIPS tinctures could help heal many issues with powerful products from mother nature. There were 11 unique tinctures each combatting a different health problem. From sleep, to menopause, to sport recovery, immunity and more! I was also in charge of directing the graphic designer to create beautiful A+ Pages.


One of the biggest challenges in this project was finding the right keywords that would help with ranking and conversions on Amazon. What exactly were customers looking for? Did they even know liquid remedies existed, what were the main health benefits of each remedy? A few of the products were also very new to the market and there were almost ZERO similar solutions on Amazon. Another challenge was not using keywords that would flag the A9 bots and suppress the listings. Even words like anxiety were problematic. Together with the brand manager and my creative thinking we managed to compile a list of keywords that were highly relevant to each remedy. The other thing to point out with new “inventions” is that any brand would do well to send a promotion to its own email list instead of relying solely on traffic from Amazon.


Herbal S.I.P.S launched their USA listings with great success. They have seen a major increase in sales across their Amazon product pages that has far surpassed their UK sales in just a few short months. 


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