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The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Campaign

The Strategies You Need to Know Before Working with Influencers!

Build the Right Relationships, and Set your Brand Up for Success

Where do I even start??

That question seems to be louder than any other question when it comes to setting up an influencer campaign. But before you START creating your influencer marketing program, there are some vital things to know.

In this ebook – I cover everything from the pitfalls to successful influencer onboarding, formulas for calculating engagement, pitch templates, and more!

Click the button below to download your copy and kick off your Influencer Marketing Campaigns on the RIGHT track from the get-go.

The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Campaign
User Generated Content Guide for Ecommerce Brands

Unlocking the Potential of User Generated Content and Creator Content

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Authenticity

You know it’s important for your marketing efforts but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Getting started with UGC/ CGC content might be easy for big brands with large marketing teams. But what if  it’s just you, your wife and maybe your dog running the show? 

In this ebook you’ll discover how to get started on the right foot and find the right creators who won’t cost your brand an arm and a leg. Ideas for getting authentic content, links to helpful software, as well a BONUS video script template that you can use when guiding your creators to create content for your brand. 

Click Download Your Copy and Create a Seamless Process for Getting UGC / CGC content!