Translating Your Listings for Amazon Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK & Japan!

Have you decided to push the boundaries, expand your horizons and sell your incredible products to the wonderful people of Europe? Or maybe you would like to break into the Japanese market by selling your latest invention/PL product on Amazon Japan? Or perhaps you are a European seller who is leaping into the great British Marketplace known as Amazon.Co.Uk. (I may seem slightly biased as I do hail from London)

Sorry for stating the obvious but listing your product in English on Amazon Japan or using Google translate is not going to work.  Unfortunately, I have seen many people fail spectacularly when it comes to optimizing in English, let alone optimizing for another language.

English speakers selling on Amazon DE, or Amazon Japan may assume they can just hire any freelancer to translate the listing for $10. I hate to break it to you but, they may translate the listing, but they won’t translate the keywords properly.

Additionally, hundreds of Amazon sellers on the US/UK platform are not native English speakers. Many customers/shoppers have told me when they see a listing that is written in broken English with many spelling errors, it doesn’t exactly fill them with confidence about the product being sold.  I’m positive if German or French shoppers could tell you what they thought of your translated listing you would take it down right then and there…

Don’t get down on yourself, hope is on the horizon (I love getting dramatic in my blog posts)

My friends at provide a unique translation service. They not only translate the listing, they also do expert keyword research in the target language, and they know the exact guidelines on character limitations for the different platforms!

You don’t need translation services you need AMAZON TRANSLATION SERVICES! (Sorry for yelling) I think you get the point.

What makes them different:

When a regular translations agency gets a short and long description of the products, they only translate this text, without making a necessary research using different tools. The secret of having a good Amazon product translation is:

A. Accommodating the description to the native language

All our translators are native speakers, and they will provide with the translation written in the spirit of the target language.

B. Using tools such as Jungle Scout, Merchant words, Google Keywords Planner, Helium 10, to properly research keywords regarding the description of the product the seller needs.

C.Using Backend Keyword Strings to help Amazon’s A9 algorithm recognize your products as relevant for the desired search terms and get your products to be properly indexed.

You can contact them here for more details:

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