What Are Amazon Posts and Why You Need to Use Them

How do I get clients to know about the other products my specific brand sells? How can I generate more traffic to my store? Sound familiar?

Amazon may have the answer!

Introducing Amazon Posts; Amazon’s new feature to help your business generate more sales and brand awareness by creating a social media-like presence. 

So What are Amazon Posts?

We all know how big of a role social media plays in our everyday lives, and some of us (ie: myself) are more than happy to spend a little too much time browsing and shopping on social media. Now, if we know this to be true about ourselves, it should come as no surprise that this has translated into the e-comm world. The infamous or perhaps the ultimate tag team of an ever growing digital world and a global pandemic has pushed social media sales through the roof. And Amazon is more than well aware of this.

During the height of lockdown fever, 54% of people said they were researching products to purchase on social media, and 71% said they were more likely to buy based on social media referrals! This will only grow with time and Amazon wants to help its sellers cash in. 

Some of the most common complaints amongst Amazon sellers are that they have an incredibly hard time raising awareness of their brands from within Amazon itself. And even if they have some form of brand awareness it just simply isn’t as good or engaging as can be found on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. 

This is the exact struggle that Amazon Posts is looking to solve. 

Amazon Posts is a tool that gives brand-registered sellers the ability to share their creative content through a social media-esque “feed”. It provides the same feel and vibe as the major social media platforms and will allow consumers to scroll through the seller’s own personal feed and directly click on their products. This is not only easy and familiar to most consumers but allows them to gain awareness of the range of goods you sell. 

You can think of Posts as an extension of all the other platforms you currently use to create and promote your brand, by using consistent brand messaging, social media posts and stories to create a seamless online presence.  


Why you should use them

  1. Brand Awareness – Amazon Posts gives your brand more exposure to consumers that are already interested in what you are selling. This increased exposure allows you to develop a following and increase sales. Clients who are familiar with your brand are much more likely to continue to buy from you.
  2. Free – The tool is free for all brand-registered sellers on Amazon. A way to increase sales, brand awareness, and appeal for free? Yes please!
  3. Metrics – Analytics is a key component of e-commerce, Amazon Posts allows you to track the performance of your posts including vital metrics such as; engagement, engagement rates, and impressions.
  4. Discovery – Give your consumers a lead into your Amazon store which allows them to see your entire range of products.
  5. Create More Avenues – Posts allows you to create an additional channel to increase sales through the familiar social media style of content feeds that will give your consumers a comfortable feel. 


How to come up with post ideas

A) Tell micro stories

Your Brand has a story to tell, whether it be a lifestyle you are encouraging your clients to create or a general overall theme for them to enact in their lives. Micro stories are a very impactful way to show your client the big message in a digestible social media sized way. Allow your brand’s story to come to life with Amazon Posts through the use of micro content creation of lifestyle images and story telling. 

B) Inspiration from customer reviews.

When I am looking to make a new purchase one of the first things I will do is scroll through customer reviews. No matter what the product is, I can pinpoint a product’s weaknesses  based on the negative reviews but on the other hand I can see its strengths from its 5-star reviews. Browse through your customer reviews and see what they are raving about. Take that info and feedback and translate it into a powerful post. 

C) Recycle content from your social media channels

Successful brands are the ones that have a consistent message on all platforms. Consumers feel like they find a friendly home in the brand when it feels familiar.  Amazon Posts allows you to recycle your content from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and place it on the feed in Amazon. No need to reinvent the wheel, just adjust your already stellar content to fit the new platform. 

For help coming up with content for your Amazon posts. Feel free to reach out to our team at info@ecommcopywriter.com

We’re always here to bounce around new creative ideas that will help your brand raise more awareness and increase sales. 

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