7 Types of Brand Stories: How to Create a Story That Resonates With Your Customers

Do you have a story for your brand? Most business owners struggle with this question because they don’t know how to craft a story that resonates with their customers. There is no one formula for nailing the brand story recipe, and that’s why I’ve identified seven different types of brand stories that could work for your business. 

To help illustrate the differences between the seven types, I’ll give you an example of a company using it on its website for every kind of brand story. Keep in mind that your story doesn’t have to fit into just one of these categories – it can be a mix of several or even one entirely of your own! So, let’s get started!

1.     The Founder Story: Fjall Raven / Melissa and Doug

Fjall Raven and Melissa and Doug are two very different brands, but they both have interesting stories – and they’ve used them to their advantage.

Fjall Raven is a Swedish company making outdoor gear since 1960. The company started when one intrepid man named Åke decided to start making backpacks that were tough enough to withstand the harsh conditions of the Scandinavian mountains. Today, Fjall Raven is known for its high-quality, durable products.

On the other hand, Melissa and Doug is an American company that specializes in educational toys and games. The company was founded in 1988 by a husband-and-wife team passionate about helping children learn through play, and the company is now a leading manufacturer of children’s toys and games.

Both Fjall Raven and Melissa and Doug have built their brands on a foundation of quality and innovation. They continue to grow in popularity – in part to sharing their founding journey in a way that resonates with their customers and invites them into the humble origins of the brand!


2.     The Product Focused Story: Genius Juice

There’s no denying the fact that Genius Juice is a truly unique brand. Unlike any other juice company out there, they believe in telling a product-focused story that showcases their choice to use all-natural ingredients, pointing out their incredible flavor profile, and highlighting the advantages of drinking healthy smoothies and juice. Overall, their approach is truly refreshing, injecting a dose of wit and fun into a sometimes overly serious industry. Genius Juice proves that something as mundane as drinking fruit blends can be, well, juicy – and that has most definitely given them a huge energy boost (pun intended!) in the marketing arena.


3. The Customer Narrative Story: Fable Yoga

When it comes to telling brand stories, Fable Yoga is a true master of the genre. Their brand story/brand narrative is all about encouraging people to lead happy, healthy lives through yoga. The company has created a customer-centric brand story that is engaging and fun for everyone. With carefully crafted content, interactive online courses, and an approachable brand voice, Fable Yoga is sending the message that it’s an inclusive brand that has “something for everyone,” aiming to make its customers feel like, by using Fable Products, they will able to have fun and feel confident in their yoga journey – and who can resist the allure of that namaste feeling?


4.     The We’re All About Our Values Story: Away / Lego

While hailing from different sectors, these brand stories have a LOT in common. And that has to do with the way they’ve crafted their respective brand stories. Lego is hyper-focused on learning, creativity, quality and imagination just to name a few. For Away, that means selling luggage light on resources and easy to recycle.  Of course, plenty of other brands have gone the value-focused route, but what sets Away and Lego apart is how they’ve managed to turn their brand stories into brand experiences: every time you use one of their products, you’re reminded of their values. That’s undeniably a powerful way to build customer loyalty. Just hold a piece of Lego, or roll your Away luggage for a moment to test this theory. You’ll certainly realize that these brands have, indeed, created a compelling narrative!


5.     The Purely Entertainment Story:  / Whiskey River Soap

There’s something special about a brand story that is pure entertainment. It’s the kind of story you can’t help but be drawn into, even if you know it’s not true. That’s the power of a good brand story – it can transport you to another place, even if just for a moment, and that’s precisely what the Anatomicals and Whiskey River Soap brand have done. They’ve created brand stories that are so compelling, so captivating, that you can’t help but be entertained. Whether it’s the fantastical world of the Anatomicals or the history melting pot land of Whiskey River Soap, with their hilarious copywriting and their clever use of social media, these brands know how to make us laugh while still getting their message across. They’re proof that some good belly laughs do lead to sales!


6.     The Corporate Story: Crocs

Regardless of how much of a controversial fashion choice its shoes may be, Crocs has an interesting brand story. Unlike many other companies, Crocs didn’t start out as a traditional business, as it was founded by a group of friends who wanted to make a better fishing/ boat shoe. BUT, the company has come a long way since then, and its brand story is focused on showcasing their success. Their “About Us” page is very corporate complete with numbers demonstrating how far they’ve come, and what their impact has been in their industry and beyond.


7.     The Heritage Story: Innocent Drinks and Caswell-Massey

It’s always nice to see a brand with a heritage. Whether it’s a company that’s been around for centuries or just a few years old, there’s something special about it tracing its roots back in history. I call this the “Heritage Story,” and there are two companies that, in my opinion, utilize this type of story best: Innocent Drinks and Caswell-Massey.

The Innocent Drinks brand story is all about making things simple, natural, and honest. It’s the kind of story that makes you feel good about buying their products – and their products are delicious, so it’s a win-win! On the other hand, the Caswell-Massey brand story is all about luxury and history. They’re a brand that’s been around for over 250 years, and their products are used by everyone from royalty to celebrities. They want you to feel like when you use their products, you know you’re using something special, and that’s a strategy that has been a proven success for all kinds of luxury brands.

Both of these brand stories are really fun to read, and they make me want to buy what they’re selling – so I think that’s definitely the sign of a great brand story!


So, what’s the moral of the story?

When it comes to your brand, your goal should be to develop a seamless narrative that resonates with your customers. And don’t be afraid to get creative! The seven types of brand stories I outlined can give you a good place to start, but feel free to mix and match them until you find the right recipe for your business. 

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