Do You REALLY Need an Ecommerce Copywriter to Maximize Your Conversions??

With a little magic, madness, creativity and data sprinkled in – your brand will be set to win. 

Think your ecommerce store doesn’t need much copywriting? Or maybe you can just DIY or get your web developer to do it…

Think again! 

According to BigCommerce a good conversion rate for ecommerce is only 2.5% – 3% and if your store is not properly optimized or doesn’t connect with your customers it’s going to be even lower than that. 😞

But imagine if your Shopify / Woocommerce/ Bigcommerce ( or insert platform you use____) store could break all the stats and enjoy conversion rates of 5% ,10% or even 15% ?? Ok NOW that would be awesome! 

( Just make sure to have time to restock)

Here’s just one tiny example – 

Studies show the more you use words linked to emotions like anticipation and joy, the more you tend to see higher conversion rates. And that’s just ONE out of many strategies we employ at the ecommerce copywriter to improve conversions. 

And, if you want to build trust with your customers, it’s vital to have on-brand copywriting for your products. This means that your copy should be consistent with your brand voice and messaging. But we have to make sure NOT to  get too fluffy. If customers are on your site with the intention to BUY your products ( not just browse), descriptions need to be clear, concise, and easy to understand. Boring copywriting will not only drop conversions, but it will also damage your brand’s reputation.

We Go the Extra Mile

As an ecommerce copywriter my ultimate goal is to help you sell more products with captivating and creative content for your store. To boost conversions by writing compelling product descriptions, crafting catchy headlines, and using persuasive sales techniques. Additionally, my team at the ecommerce copywriter can help increase traffic to your store with SEO-optimized content. As we make sure to add keywords into your page titles, meta descriptions, ALT tags, and of course weave keywords naturally into a product page’s body content

Here are 5 ways the Ecommerce Copywriter can transform your store into a money making machine!

  1. We Don’t Neglect Category Pages

Category pages are like the spare room in the house that no one could be bothered decorating. So many store owners just leave it blank?? But Hellooo – it’s a great place to flex some fun on brand copywriting that tells customers they are in the right place. It’s also perfect for adding in some extra keyword juice and ranking your brand on Google! At the ecommerce copywriter we ensure that your category pages get the attention they deserve. 

2) Product Descriptions Done Right

Should my product descriptions be long – or should they be short – should we add more photos, videos, or Calls to Action? I believe that every brand and every product will be a little different. If you’re selling a very expensive product item then more details might be necessary – but for a basic product like mugs or cheap fashion jewelry – short and sweet product descriptions will be more than enough. At the ecommerce copywriter we can work with YOUR developer or our own to create just the right length product pages that bring maximum conversions.

 3) We Pack the Personality Punch

Before starting the writing process it’s essential for us to truly capture the tone and voice of your brand. Which archetype does your brand embody? Are you funny, sarcastic, or deadpan? Maybe you are caring and down to earth in your messaging? Or maybe your brand has a multiple personality disorder and needs our help with brand personality and voice development. 

 5) Testing, Testing 1,2,3

The question of how I can help sellers improve their conversions comes up a lot. The answer is with testing! Sometimes you can nail your Facebook ad copy or email campaign on the first run, but most of the time you will want to A/B testing to see which emails, CTA (calls to action) or advertising campaigns perform the best. I personally LOVE using a service like where you can A/B/C/D test things like images, copywriting, headlines, and descriptions. Additionally- many Amazon sellers have access to Amazon experiments which allows you to test your titles, bullets, descriptions and A+ content. And Shopify also allows you to run page split tests as well.

Now if you’ve read till here you’re bloody brilliant! We really bow down to your long attention span. 


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