Overcoming Customer Objections to Potential Product Flaws!

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As a brand owner, you’re probably thinking about how incredible your products are.

As a copywriter – I am inundated with briefs that brag about how awesome clients’ products are!

But there is one thing – I am ashamed to admit that I have been neglecting.

That is: 

1.) Predicting customer objections

2.) Overcoming the customer objections.

Example 1: 

Let’s say you sell an electric juicer. 

This appliance is amazing – but it has one flaw which you decided to ignore. 

It makes a super loud noise when it’s switched on.

You could ignore the problem and focus on all the other benefits your kitchen juicer provides. 


You could anticipate that a customer will complain about this and think of a way to spin it in a positive way. 

E.g: This kitchen appliance sounds like a Formula 1 race car roaring around the track. Ok, not quite that loud, but the motor is 10X more powerful than any other juicer on the market. Juice faster with all the nutrients intact. 

Example 2: 

You sell a pet bed – the pet bed has a flaw. It’s not quite as soft and fluffy as your competitors.

You could ignore this problem- as it’s not such a big deal ..


Fluffy stuff gets lumpy over time, it also makes your dog sweat even in the winter. That’s why our pet beds are made of firm and breathable material. The durable surface stands up to years of pet pajama parties and keeps them cool in every season. 

Anticipating customer objections and overcoming them in the product descriptions can actually INCREASE sales. Customers will be aware of exactly what they’re buying, and they’ll be pleased that your “flaws” actually make your product better.


Let me know if you have any examples from your own products. I’d love to hear 🙂 

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