PICKFU 101 – Boost Online Sales with Instant Market Analysis and Audience Insights

Introduction: What is PICKFu and Why is It Vital for Your Business? 

How many brands have launched new products or services only to crash and burn?

Answer, far to many!

And if you’ve experienced a failed launch yourself, don’t feel bad – in 2008, Tropicana hired ad agency Arnell and spent $35 million on a rebrand, only to lose $20 million in sales in the first month alone. After just 30 days, they tossed the new packaging and reverted to their original design.

Another fascinating yet cheesy example of a failed product was the Cheetos Lip Balm. The popular snack company decided to launch a cheese flavored lip balm. They must have thought that if people like to eat Cheetos, then surely they would like to smear it on their lips too. Sadly the product flopped and cost the company quite a lot of money! 

So now we all know what these companies failed to do, namely ask their audience!! 

And because you’re a smart person, you’ll want to use PickFu to do some market and audience research before bringing your next product to the online shelves of your website or Amazon store. Stick around till the end or just jump ahead to get a MEGA discount on your first poll 🙂 

 What IS PickFu??

PickFu is a service that provides almost instant feedback from real people in your target market. PickFu allows marketers to A/B  ( and C/D/ E) test their products, advertising campaigns and more with the help of actual humans in their consumer market. It’s super easy to use either the PickFu website or mobile app to create a survey and choose the respondents you want for your A/B/C/D testing. PickFu has a large pool of respondents from different countries and demographics, which are available 24/7 to provide feedback on questions asked.

So, What are the Benefits of Using PickFu for Your Ecommerce Business?


Whether you sell on Amazon or have your own Shopify / Woocommerce store, then PickFu is tremendously helpful optimizing your product images, Amazon bullet points, packaging text, and landing page headlines. ( Nowadays, it’s a smart strategy to design your product pages like a landing page, especially if you are driving traffic directly to your website.)

For example, one of my clients used PickFu to poll his audience about which packaging the target customer liked best BEFORE production. Not only did he get almost instantaneous feedback, but he also got to understand WHY they chose the option and exactly WHO they are based on the demographic data that PickFu provides.


How to Optimize Your Amazon Store With PickFu

PickFu are the kung fu masters when it comes to sales-boosting software. One of their latest updates is called the PickFu Amazon Mockup generator. It saves you a heck of a lot of time manually importing stuff. PickFu mockup generator lets you enter up to 8 ASINs, which it will magically pull into your poll for you to then edit. Here are just a few of the things you’ll be able to test:

  • Test your product photo against alternative images
  • Compare listings to see which one shoppers’ prefer, and why
  • Test alternate product titles
  • Experiment with pricing and check price sensitivity
  • Evaluate the potential of a product you want to sell

Best Practices When Using PickFu To Improve Your Ecommerce Brand

Honestly there are no real shortcuts when it comes to launching a new brand or product, but using PickFu could be one of the best ecom marketing tips that you could use to ensure a MUCH better chance of success. Read 4 tips I have on the best practices when using PickFu’s marketing automation software:

  1. Save Money Offline – Use PickFu as an OFF platform test before you go live with anything! I know Amazon lets you run experiments, and you can use Clickfunnels A/B testing live, but you may as well find the BEST content before making testing stuff live and potentially losing money.  
  2. Stay Unbiased – Make sure you phrase your polls or surveys in an UNBIASED way. If you happen to prefer a certain color, logo or headline, make sure you are NOT leading your audience into choosing a specific answer. If you are unsure how to build the poll or phrase your questions, use PickFu’s ready made poll templates. 
  3. Only test ONE thing at a time. For instance if you are asking an audience which name they prefer for a product series or new brand, DON’T also show the logo. As this might influence their decision to subconsciously choose the visual they like better instead of the name they prefer. 
  4. Give Context – Yes, I agree it is super exciting to dive into a poll and get that instant feedback you’ve been craving. BUT, give your audience a little context and background on your business before you randomly poll them and say which “ice cream flavor looks the most appealing”. E.g – we are a new online ice cream store, and our customers are mostly vegans because of health reasons. THEN after the little intro ask your poll question/ 

My Final Thoughts on Why You Should Use PickFu Now!

If you’ve been afraid to run a Facebook poll because you don’t want to entire world to know what you’re doing, or perhaps you don’t have an email list of existing customers to ask and you’re a savvy brand owner who understands the importance of market research BEFORE launching then what are you waiting for ?? 

And since we’re PickFu-approved, (apparently I am an official partner) I can share this offer with you —

50% off on your first poll!


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