The BIG impact of Micro Copy

Don’t write off micro-copy as something trivial or irrelevant. It’s quite possibly the most unassuming, and cost-effective way to grab attention and build a strong relationship with your customers. The reason it’s so powerful is that it contains the element of surprise. In fact according to an article in the Harvard Business Review – “Surprise is addictive”. Surprise is like crack for your brain. Which means Surprise is an extremely POWERFUL marketing tool!

No need to scare the bejeebers out of your customers ( it’s not Halloween ya know) but you should try and think of ways you can make your customers feel special by using micro-copy. Now, that I think of it – it’s sort of like leaving a romantic love note in your partner’s lunch bag… or sending your kid to school with a surprise snack. Small actions, that will make a big impact on your relationship.

From funny labels, to 404 not found – here are some examples of the best micro-copy around.

Micro-Copy on a Clothing Label



Micro-Copy That You Need Glasses to See


Micro-Copy at the Checkout Stage

Many people buy stuff online, and then experience what’s known as “buyers regret”. Bringing a smile to someone’s face right when they checkout is going to resolve a lot of those emotional issues.




My Favorite “Fortune Cookie” Micro-Copy from Yogi Tea

There’s something magical about opening a tea bag and not knowing what special message you might find that day. Many times the quotes are weirdly applicable to what you’re going through in life…




Page Not Found Micro-Copy – That Turns Frustration into Fun




Milky Micro Copy – The Almond Milk Brand that Makes Me Smile Every Time.


There are some very creative brands out there who are using micro-copy to their advantage. Whether they are doing this online, or on a physical product it doesn’t matter – the point is they are doing something surprising, and even risky – that will take the customer experience to the next level.

Going back to my romantic metaphor earlier – with micro-copy you can take your customer relationship from the friend zone into the lover zone!




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