Two Types Of Amazon Sellers and Two Types of Customers

My favorite topic is storytelling and brand messaging – helping to make brands authentically resonate with their audience.

BUT having said that I know that not its not the correct strategy for every business owner. Not every Amazon seller wants to be the next Nike or Apple. And that’s totally fine! You can still make money selling generic types of products that customers are not investing too much money into…


Customer Persona 1: “Buy and Run!” 

One of the only reasons people will buy your product on Amazon in the first place is because they trust Amazon. It is not because they trust your brand. In fact coming across your brand on Amazon will probably be the first encounter a shopper has with your brand. 

There is no customer journey here, not much interest and awareness, not much comparison or searching. For the middle of the road, inexpensive items, most are probably impulse buys. 

I’ve done it myself on many occasions. I have bought some wooden train tracks from an unknown brand and I was pretty happy with them. BUT I have never bought shoes, clothing, or outdoor gear from a brand that I was unfamiliar with. 

Or this type of product for example:

People just want a quick, and fast, efficient solution; they don’t really give a crap about the branding in this case. Although honestly this seller could have done a better job on their bullet points and description. 

I call this type of seller the – Sell and Goodbye – they have provided a technical solution and they are not invested in the relationship with the customer. They make sales and will probably continue making sales as long as people need this solution. 

Customer Persona 2: Research, Buy – Come Back for More! 

These are the companies I love to work with. Business owners who understand that having a strong brand is of utmost importance when selling products online.

When people are buying gifts, or expensive items they want to make sure they are buying from a trustworthy company. Your photos, branding, and copy on your website or A+ content will all subconsciously signal to the customer whether or not your brand is reliable and high-quality.

Additionally investing in proper brand messaging and brand visual identities will benefit your company in the long run. You can recycle all that content and branding for your own website, social media channels, etc.  


Final Thoughts On Brand Messaging and Brand Visuals:  

If you put all your eggs in one basket and only sell on Amazon that’s a very big risk to take. So many sellers now understand that they need to expand to other channels such as shopify etc. But, if you decide to build up your sales through social media or through your own website, and your brand has no voice, values, defining visuals, or doesn’t connect with a specific audience chances are you will fail big time. 

The seller who provides an enjoyable and memorable experience to their customers will most likely see long term success. I call them the “Prophet Sellers” ( pun intended btw prophet / profit haha) – because they see that their branding strategy will impact future relationships and create a snowball sales effect. Good branding can compel customers to become repeat buyers, tell their friends, or share an unboxing experience on social media. 

The long term gains of strong brand communications and visuals are immeasurable!

Do you agree or disagree? What type of company are you building? Let me know in the comments below.

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